A Change Is Near
Are You Ready?


Need a boost in fitness technology? I’m here to help. From addressing conference attendees to advising corporate and non-profit boards, I’m ready to inspire with ideas grounded in research. No matter your need, I can fill a valuable gap. Here’s how:


Strategic Advising

Work in the fitness industry and have a business or operational problem on your hands? Let’s talk about it. I have years of experience helping companies like yours solve these issues throughout the entire business cycle and create new foundations for project delivery through the use of technology. We’ll create a plan based on industry and operations knowledge that begins with your executive leadership.

Inspired Presentations

Invite me to speak to your business, non-profit, or conference. I will tailor my talks to the knowledge level of the audience. Each presentation is delivered with personable style and technique derived from my desire to speak one-on-one with each audience member. All of my presentations are grounded in my research, so each attendee will see the immediate impact and will walk away with an inspired vision for the future of technology.