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A personal note

I know firsthand how frustrating starting and building a fitness business can be.  You are probably like me, trained as an exercise scientist; wanting to help others live their lives to their greatest health potential possible, but you have very little formal training or education on the business side of things.  Lack of clarity, or the impostor syndrome of “can I really do this” is all too real to me.

Maybe you wish the money would “just come in” so you could focus on the stuff you actually enjoy – like coaching a healthy lifestyle, training a new client or watching your trainee run their first marathon. It’s a vicious cycle because …

You hate the business side of personal training.

You would much rather be on the floor, working with clients, pushing them to be the best they can be.  But you know you’ve got to do it.  You have to focus on your business rather than in your business.  Otherwise you’ll soon be out of business, going backwards and working for someone else.  Or worse, you’ll be out of business before you even start.

A profitable personal training brand and business is your key to freedom and impact. You’ve paid your dues: working at a big box gym, endless toil of long commutes, cranky clients, and unbearable bosses. Sure, it’s dressed up to keep you somewhat happy with in a paycheck, a few benefits, maybe even a retirement plan, but it really equates to your own quality of life - less time with family. Less time seeing the world. Less freedom to choose. Less impact you can make upon others.

Questions that keep you awake at night …

You know too much now. You’re too smart to settle, and you know you wield skills that can truly help others and make you money. But do you ever find yourself laying awake at night, burdened with one or more of these questions?

  • “How can I work with more people and make a bigger impact on their lives?

  • “How can I start my own fitness business and break away from the club?“

  • “How would I even start building my own fitness business?”

  • “How can I have the freedom to run my own fitness business?”

  • “How do I build a client base… from scratch?”

  • “How do I promote myself without being pushy, “sales-y”, or slimy?”

  • “How do I present my unique selling proposition … and get people to pay me for it?”

5 Good Reasons We Should Talk Today

  •  You need a specialist: someone that genuinely understands, advises, and mentors high-level achievers who want to be a fitness entrepreneur.

  • You need a new voice: someone that can provide keen perspective and refreshing ideas. You’re too close to the subject (because it’s you!) … I’ll help you define your fitness business in a way you never imagined.

  • You need a trusted partner: someone who has a vested interest in your success, wins only when you win, and has helped others do the same.

  • You need a time saver: someone that can free you up and competently work behind-the-scenes, so you can do the things only you can do. 

  • Your need a business coach: you are great with the science of exercise, but need some help understanding and implementing the business side of fitness.