Work With Me

My services for aspiring fitness and wellness entrepreneurs like you are centered on my areas of expertise in fitness entrepreneurship, disruptive health technologies, social media, and experiences as a Professor of Kinesiology and founder and CEO of a successful corporate fitness management company that I started at age 24 with the White House as my first client (yes that White House) that I then sold; traveled the world, learned more life lessons and played lots of golf.

Ask any of my students and they will tell you that I am not the traditional type of Professor.  Learn from me and you will not be getting armchair theory, or the regurgitated advice of someone trying to pass themselves off as an expert.  You will learn from my real world business and life experiences (and mistakes), not from an outdated textbook or the next "get rich" scheme that our industry unfortunately knows all to well.  Helping entrepreneurs like you is my full-time passion and profession. Your success and desire to dream big and grow places is my absolute priority.

But what do I know? Plenty, and I want to share what I know with you. If I was good enough for the White House for over a decade, am I good enough for you? Let’s talk. I will help you work smarter, not harder to help you reach your business dreams.

Serious inquiries only, please.