Welcome To My Speaking Page

My goal as a speaker is to equip and inspire your audience with practical, actionable steps in the business of fitness using innovative technologies.

 As both a professional communicator and organizer of several industry conferences, I understand the important role speakers play in the success of an event. I’ve presented in private functions for clients and delivered seminars and keynotes at industry-leading events such as IDEA World, The Consumer Electronics Show, The American Council on Exercise Fitness Symposium and TEDx.

If you need a speaker that can entertain, engage, and inspire your group, then you need to contact Ted Vickey before he’s booked by someone else!” –

Topics I Speak On:

My most requested keynotes are on the topics of entrepreneurial skills and innovation through technology in the health, fitness and wellness industries, but I can customize a presentation for your audience as well.

The titles of my most popular talks are listed below, and slides are available upon request by filling out my contact form.

  • The 7 Steps To Building A Profitable Fitness Business

  • Fitness, There is an App for That

  • Don’t be Afraid of the “F” word [Failure]

  • My Journey from Pennsylvania to Pennsylvania Ave through Fitness

 My Promise to You and Your Attendees:

The success of an event depends just as much on what happens off-stage as what happens on-stage. That said, you can expect the following from me:

  • 100% preparation, passion, and energy in my presentation(s)

  • Prompt, punctual, and clear correspondence on all logistics

  • Extra-mile engagement with your audience (I love connecting with attendees after sessions)

  • Strict adherence to all presentation time limits and event guidelines

  • Professional model-citizen conduct that reflects superbly on you and your brand

  • No profanity in my talks

I know how diverse your audience can be, and that means being delicate and sensitive to every single person in it. When I speak, I don’t see a crowd; I see individuals. My public and private communications have been honed through a lifetime of cross-cultural and cross-generational experience. In addition to the United States, I’ve presented to audiences in England, China, Ireland, Germany, and France.

Watch My Prior Speaking Engagements Here:

Several of my talks are available free online, and additional recordings or slide decks can be sent upon request.

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My Speaking Bio:

Dr. Ted Vickey is a respected thought leader in the fitness industry and one of the first in the world to have a PhD in Twitter, Physical Activity and Mobile Phones.  His blend of entrepreneurism and innovative technology inspires the fitness industry of today to achieve the results for the future.  Ted has created and implemented health and fitness initiatives and strategies for government and Fortune 500 brands including the White House, Department of Commerce, Securities and Exchange Commission, Fruit of the Loom and Sylvania.  For more information visit www.tedvickey.com.

If you’d like to discuss my participation in your event, please click the button below.