What would you tell the President about his fitness?

I was sitting in my university office when my cell phone rang. I usually don’t answer calls unless I know who it is, but for some reason I answered.

“Is this Ted Vickey?” the caller asked? I said “Yes”

“Hi Ted, this is Kevin Liptak from CNN. Could you comment on the results of President Trump’s physical today?”

Having spent 11 years as the Executive Director of the White House Athletic Center under the Clinton and Bush Administrations, I get these types of calls every so often. Luckily I had seen the results.

“Of course” I said. “How can I help?”.

Kevin wanted to do a story on the President’s fitness program (or lack thereof) and asked me if I were still at the White House, what would I do to get the President to be more active.

I thought for a moment, knowing I would probably only have one chance at getting this right.

Want to know what I said? Check out the full article from the CNN website here.

Question: If they had called you, what would you have said (please no political statements here). How would you as a fitness professional get someone like this to be active?

Link: www.tedv.link/trump

Ted Vickey